Thursday, November 01, 2007


Muddy came to us through Rescue Animal Placement(RAP) in Pennsylvania. As a 6-week old puppy he was delivered, with 5 of his siblings, to a high-kill shelter in West Virginia. RAP found out about the puppies, a member of the group drove to West Virginia, back to Pennsylvania, and found foster homes for them.

Muddy appears to be a beagle/terrier cross. This picture was taken in a rare quiet moment when Muddy was enjoying the Nova Scotia sun this past summer. He will be 6 in December.

Caroline Loose


Planet Dog said...

Hi Caroline - thanks so much for sharing your story. RAP sounds like an amazing group of people. Keep up the great work!

Woof -

Anonymous said...

RAP ix not always the best.We fostered for them, they never reimbursed the meds, did not disclase the dog's agression history prior to placing her in foster...a nightmare!
I would never use RAP again